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The original item was published from 9/7/2022 9:16:00 AM to 9/7/2022 9:16:08 AM.

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Posted on: July 31, 2022

[ARCHIVED] Medallion Hunt Clues Explained

The medallion was hidden sandwiched in the metal post of the Gervais Lake watershed sign that is next to the wet well wastewater lift station on Keller Parkway just south of Carla Lane.

 1) Red alert, red alert, the party's begun, 
Spooner Park once again is brimming with fun. 
The weekend is coming, what will you do? 
Join us, of course, at our great rendezvous! 
Lightened you'd notice, inclined you would be, 
But not wasting your time, if you ask me. 

“Red alert” refers to the emergency red light installed next to the lift station. Signage on the lift station indicates that this light will illuminate red to alert authorities if a problem occurs with the lift station. “Lightened you'd notice”also refers to this emergency light that you would notice if it illuminated. Not “wasting” your time refers to it being a wastewater system. 

2) The this and the that, if together you find, 
A candy striper might come to your mind. 
Betwixt and between, one from each side, 
Put them together when out for a ride. 
A vehicle at rest takes some things too far, 
Might well you'd think when driving your car. 

“The this and the that, if together you find, A candy striper might come to your mind” refers to the red & white stripes on the mailbox post (the 'this') and the green candycane-shaped sewer ventilation pipe (the 'that') which together are both seen from the hiding place. The color of the red & white stripes “together” with the candy-cane shape of the pipe might remind one of a candy-cane or candy striper. “One from each side” refers to the above noted mailbox being on one side of the street (the opposite side of the street from the hiding place) and the above-noted pipe being on the other side of the street (on the same side of the street as the hiding place). “When out for a ride”indicates that you will be you on a street when you will find “the this and the that.” “A vehicle at rest takes some things too far” refers to the No Parking sign that, if/when you get to it, you have gone too far, you have passed the hiding place. 

3) Check on our website and the lowdown you'll get, 
Who will unravel the clues is anyone's wet. 
Fun for all ages, well, with highlights galore, 
We will lift your spirits and then lift some more. 
A cornucopia you say or what is that sound? 
Ah well, clever seeker, nearer the mystery ground. 

“The lowdown” refers to the lift station which is situated at a low point of the city. The seeming typo “wet” and the unnecessary “well” in the next line draw your attention to looking for a “wet well” which is part of a lift station. “We will 'lift' your spirits and then 'lift some more” refer to the lift station. “A cornucopia” is a horn. “what is that sound” refers to the sound made by a horn. Signage on the lift station indicates that this horn will sound to alert authorities if a problem occurs with the lift station. “Ah well” again makes reference to a well. 

4) Be guided, you will, by a wall of so many, 
Man what a hole cerca your lucky penny. 
Solve what is five three and two after twenty, 
A drain on the brain that might help you plenty. 
Inhibit your speed, the caretta implore, 
Lest relative members turn up as done for. 

“A wall of so many” refers to the wall of arborvitae trees along Keller Parkway just before reaching the area of the hiding place. “Man what a hole” refers to the manhole near the hiding place. “Solve what is five three and two after twenty”means the address on the mailbox with the red & white stripes: 2532 Keller Parkway. “A drain on the brain”is a reference to the water that drains into the lift station. “Inhibit your speed, the caretta implore, Lest relative members turn up as done for”is referring to the homemade sign taped to the sign post where the medallion is hidden. The sign says, “Slow Down, Turtle Crossing.” “Slow down” is “inhibit your speed.” Caretta is a kind of turtle. The caretta ask that drivers slow down so that “relative members” (other turtles in the turtle family), do not end up run over, “done for.” 

5) What's the point of a cape, if not but a jut, 
For sure you can bank on a challenging cut. 
If a candy cane is more likely your style, 
Squaring a D you might find being worthwhile. 
Locked down the elster that is taken by measure, 
But play by the rules whilst you're seeking this treasure. 

Carla Lane, close to the hiding place, is a “point, cape, jut” in Gervais Lake. The hiding place is situated along the side of the road (Keller Parkway) where the ground meets the road at a 45° angle. “A challenging cut” refers to the challenge as lawn mower has when cutting the grass on this 45° angle. The green sewer vent pipe there is in the shape of a candy cane. “Squaring a D” refers to an electrical box labeled “Square D” that is mounted on a nearby pole. “Locked down the elster that is taken by measure” refers to an Xcel electrical meter, Elster brand, that is mounted to a nearby pole, locked, and “measures”electricity. “But play by the rules” refers to the nearby sign that says No Trespassing. 

6) Fundy, Montego, Frisco, Ha Long, 
To one common group they all do belong. 
Simulated driving, an open source kind, 
Seems pointless perhaps to the unaware mind. 
What outcome might happen if you follow the waste, 
A flow of sorts could be easily traced. 

“Fundy, Montego, Frisco, Ha Long” are all bays. This hiding place is along the bay in Gervais Lake. “Simulated driving, an open source kind” (as Googling the phrase will show) refers to an open-source simulator for autonomous driving research that is called Carla, indicating Carla Lane as the area to find the medallion. “if you follow the waste” refers to following the city's wastewater to the wastewater lift station. “A flow of sorts could be easily traced” refers to the flow of the city's wastewater that travels to the lift station, a path that could easily be traced.

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