When is Canadian Days?

Canadian Days is usually held the first weekend in August. We try to plan around Canada's Civic Holiday which is observed the first Monday in August, so that our visitors from our Sister-City Thunder Bay have an extra day to travel safely home.

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1. When is Canadian Days?
2. Do I receive any deals with the purchase of a Canadian Days button?
3. Where can I buy Canadian Days buttons?
4. How can I volunteer?
5. Is handicapped parking available or a shuttle bus?
6. Can I buy discounted, advanced sale inflatable amusement tickets?
7. Where is the Grand Parade route?
8. Will the 5K Race results be posted on the web site?
9. How do you choose the entertainment?
10. What kind of rides will you offer this year?
11. When and on which channels will the Canadian Days festivities be replayed on cable?